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About The Men of The Hour

Welcome to the Men of the Hour Podcast, where our host, Justin Crawford, conducts candid interviews with today’s brilliant leaders, famed actors, successful entrepreneurs, and more. Nothing’s off-limits – uncover insight, encouragement, and advice as our guests share about their personal lives, careers, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Hit play and become inspired by the “Men of the Hour” to create a positive change for yourself and those around you!

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A Word From Your Host, Justin Crawford

My Friends! It means the world to our Men of the Hour Team that you’ve decided to not only land on this page here, but to spend some time with us in order to use our conversations to better your life – someway somehow! Kudos to you! 

Nothing excites me more than to know that you will hear from our world’s leading men on various topics, gain insight into why and how they do what they do in life and ultimately take whatever you need to from it…

For as long as I have been a journalist in the media industry, I have wanted to utilize interviews with real people to inspire everyone listening and watching – now with this podcast/video series we can do that and so much more! 

Welcome to the Men of the Hour podcast! Now, let’s get out there and make positive changes for ourselves and those around us!