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Your Best Day Is TODAY!

Anupam Kher is our Man of the Hour for this Christmas Special! You know, we could not have asked to have a better conversation with someone who really sees the world from the most optimistic and meaningful lens. After all his years building the best life for himself and his family, Anupam’s main goal today is to ensure his audience and communities that ‘Your Best Day Is TODAY!’ From the book that he wrote during the COVID-19 pandemic to the latest launch of his iHeart Radio Podcast ‘Anupam Cares,’ this man defines what it means to bring hope to our world! Justin and Anupam have a candid conversation about why hope is so important in our lives and how to remind ourselves that life is beautiful! After all, life happens to us just one time – so, let’s look at the great things about it with Anupam on this episode today!

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