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Focus, Family and Finding Your Voice

Chris Blue (@chrisblive) has been a Man of the Hour that I have been meaning to get on this show since our launch last year. Well, he’s here today to give us some EXCLUSIVE MAJOR LIFE UPDATES. You know, for a guy who’s won The Voice (@nbcthevoice), Chris not only one of the most UNIQUE singing tones, but one of the biggest hearts out of guy I’ve ever met. Following The Voice, everyone thought Chris would have moved straight to Hollywood to start his new celebrity life, but he knew from the get-go that wouldn’t be the case. This proud Knoxville Tennessee native is doing just fine (if not amazing) building an extraordinary music career right where he belongs – at home with his beautiful family! Speaking of! Chris has a major announcement and you will only here it on this episode of the Men of the Hour! Sit back, relax and learn more about ‘Focus, Family and Finding Your Voice!’ Thanks for being here, friends!

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