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Men of the Hour Damon Sharpe
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Behind Hollywood's Music Industry and Making the Most of Hard Times

Grammy and ASCAP award-winning producer, songwriter and DJ DAMON SHARPE is this week’s Man of the Hour! From the early age of just 15-year-old, Damon has been non-stop in the world of entertainment. Not only has he worked with some of the greatest artists ever (Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Ariana Grande), but he also been at points in his career where he has to reset, wait on these same celebrities at restaurants and get back on his feet. Damon is joining us to uncover it all with Justin and bring to light that life’s always going to throw you curveballs, but it is really up to YOU and YOU ONLY to decide how you will catch it and move on in the best way possible. PLUS! Damon’s not producing music to say he’s a music producer… he’s working on some major projects that might make him the next best entertainment corporation in Hollywood sooner or later!

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